The Northeastern University Strength and Conditioning Department believes peak performance results from the successful integration of optimal physical and psychological preparation


Our department implements a sophisticated blend of exercise science, nutritional services, and technology to educate, in addition to individualize the care for each student-athlete. Thus, they may apply appropriate responses to varying physical and cognitive challenges experienced during the tenure as a student-athlete, as well as in future endeavors.

Cabot Open Gym Hours

Please navigate to our Canvas site or the Microsoft Team for your program to view and schedule open times.

Internship Opportunities

The Northeastern University Strength and Conditioning department welcomes interns seeking to fulfill internship requirements for school credit at their respective institutions. Please contact for more information.

  Available     Services

Northeastern Strength and Conditioning gathers information from the following tests for each athlete throughout the academic year in order to guide training and return-to-play protocols
These tests can be scheduled upon request of the student-athlete or coach. Please contact your team’s strength coach or coordinator of care to schedule testing.

Individualized Strength Programming

Data Driven Performance Tracking

Force Plate Power Profiles

Professional Movement Assessment

Energy System Development

Velocity Based Training