Athlete Medical Clearance

Prior to approved participation with a Northeastern University athletic team, all athletes must do the following:

  • Complete their profile in our medical records system on an annual basis.
  • Undergo a sports physical – This is required for participation and will be conducted by our team of physicians when you arrive for your Pre-Participation Evaluation.
  • Submit evidence of sickle cell testing to be in compliance with NCAA regulations
  • Provide your primary insurance information

All pre-participation paperwork is completed and submitted utilizing SportsWare Online. Incoming and transfer athletes will be contacted by Sports Medicine regarding their login information, and returning athlete login information will remain unchanged from the previous year.

Please do not e-mail medical records to us. If there is something you would like to provide, upload it into your Sportsware account under ‘Forms’.

Click the link ‘Instructions and Forms’ for additional information


If you are under the age of 18 or require a parent/guardian signature:

Print and complete the Under-18 packet by following the link to Medical Clearance Instructions (Northeastern Account Required)

Once the above packet is complete, follow the instructions for uploading them into SportsWare in addition to providing all required information marked with a red asterisk.

Athletes cannot participate in any team or school-sponsored activities until all of the steps on this page have been submitted and approved by an athletic trainer in Sports Medicine, and they have completed the pre-participation screening process.

 If you have any questions, please contact the Sports Medicine Department at: 

Instructions and Forms
(Northeastern Account Required)

Northeastern Student Health Plan (NUSHP)

Information on benefits and enrollment